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June 16, 2016

Order a Slice or a Whole Pie at Riverside Pizzeria

When you move into a new apartment, finding a reliable local pizzeria for takeout and delivery can be pretty high on the list of priorities. Whether you are new to Belcamp or are always on the lookout for new pizza places to try, Riverside Pizzeria is a local favorite.

As with every neighborhood pizza parlor, the pies are the stars of the show. Dough is freshly made and tossed daily on-site, and it’s stretched thin to make for wide, foldable slices like you’d find in Brooklyn or the North End of Boston. In addition to its pizza, Riverside is pretty well known for its other offerings, including the hand-formed crab cakes and crispy fried rockfish. Planning a big event? This place also does a pretty brisk catering business—just check out the menu online.

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