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November 6, 2017

Grab a Fresh Doughnut at Newberry Cafe and Bakery

When Newberry Cafe and Bakery debuted its brand new location two months ago, it brought elements of the original bakery along with some new flourishes. One of the ways that Newberry Cafe continues its time-tested baking traditions is by transplanting its dought maker, who has been perfecting the art for a decade, to the new shop. Some of the doughnuts, though, are new and unexpected.

For instance, there's the buttercream-filled doughnut, which looks more like a sandwich of two doughnuts oozing soft buttercream and dusted with powdered sugar. Apple fritters, cinnamon rolls, and scones also serve as the perfect sweet counterparts to cups of coffee at Newberry Cafe. The entire cafe menu has undergone a makeover, so consider grabbing a breakfast sandwich or bagel here on your way to work.

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