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December 20, 2017

Learn About the Aloha Spirit at Uncles Hawaiian Grindz Restaurant

Looking for a new lunch spot in Abingdon? Check out Uncles Hawaiian Grindz, a Hawaiian-inspired eatery that's perfect for lunch and dinner. The restaurant aims to showcase the "Aloha spirit", which is the main idea behind the Hawaiian culture: that people should spread love wherever they go.

The menu at Uncles Hawaiian Grindz relies on fresh seafood, such as Ahi tuna, root vegetables, Asian spices, and quality meats. Most of the foods at Uncles Hawaiian Grindz are locally sourced wherever possible, and they also put an emphasis on sustainably grown or raised meats and non-GMO ingredients. The menu features items like poke bowls, Hawaiian nachos, and Hawaiian specialty dishes like loco moco. If you're looking to try a new type of cuisine, give Uncles Hawaiian Grindz a try.

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