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August 8, 2019

Cool Off With a Scoop of Locally Made Ice Cream at Broom’s Bloom Dairy

Are you interested in a lunch spot that always satisfies? Then check out Broom’s Bloom Dairy on South Fountain Green Road in Bel Air. This farmstand offers great midday meals, old-fashioned ice cream, and so much more. While so many other brands source the ingredients for their ice cream from elsewhere, Broom’s makes it on the farm. They can lay claim to making over 100 flavors. Usually, 12-18 varieties are available on any given day.

But you can’t have dessert without a meal. There’s plenty on this menu to fill you up, from crab soups to chili mac, which combines house recipe chili with macaroni and cheese. It’s not all served in a bowl, either; the sandwich board includes classics like chicken salad and bacon, lettuce, and tomato, along with upgraded staples, like barbecued pork on a roll. Don’t overlook the grilled cheese sandwich, which is made with the house aged cheddar and smoked gouda. A number of specialty items are also available to purchase. This includes Broom’s Bloom pork sausage, local produce from Harford County Farms, and locally sourced meat and dairy products from other nearby farms.

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