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October 25, 2019

Pick Your Own Apples at Shaw Orchards in Harford County

Apple pie. Apple cider. Apple crisp. Every autumn, apples share the spotlight with pumpkins as some of the most popular seasonal produce. The fall fruits are also a source of entertainment, since many orchards invite guests to pick their own apples. Shaw Orchards is one of them! Located right here in Harford County, the family-owned farm is currently welcoming people to pick their own apples.

Throughout the fall, the orchard’s apples have peaked at different times. Whereas the Gala and Early Gold were crispest in August, varieties like the Fuji, Pink Lady, and Granny Smith weren’t ready for harvest until the past few weeks. Come to the orchard to check out what’s hanging on the trees currently, and see its website for some ideas about how to use your haul.

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